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Early College High School offers students a rigorous and challenging academic environment. We give students the opportunity to earn dual-enrollment credits while still in high school, thus reducing the completion time to earn a certificate and/or associate’s degree in one of seven different industries. Our unique school, all cost-free, also helps students learn how to be motivated learners and develop their self-starter skills, which are essential to success in higher education and beyond.

Students take all of their classes on the campus of Nashville State Community College, where we offer small class sizes and a low teacher-student ratio.

This enhanced academic and social environment gives students invaluable access to college facilities and services, such as a learning resource centers, science and computer labs, a student center and tutoring.

Families and community partners have a vital role in fostering student success. That’s why we create meaningful and effective collaboration with families and community partners. We also help encourage and empower our families and the diverse communities we serve.

Students working on scienceStudents will graduate ready to enter the competitive workforce with relevant skills and knowledge.

Who Can Apply?

Eighth-grade students with qualifying test scores and a GPA of 80 or greater are eligible to apply. Learn more about academic requirements here. After graduation, the degree earned through Early College High School Program will transfer to seven public and six private institutions in Tennessee.

In addition, the majority of earned credits will transfer to many colleges across the state and outside of Tennessee.
College and career should not just be your dream. Make it your reality.


Degree Options

The Early College High School Program offers seven different pathways, which means every student has the opportunity to find an area of study that resonates with them most.

  • Information Systems
  • Business Administration
  • General Studies
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Health Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Music/Fine Arts

Why Early College? In current students’ own words.

“I feel like students should come to Early College High School because everyone is so supportive and kind. I love the small classes; they help me focus. I also love how the students at ECHS get to have a voice in school choices andKyra decisions.”
--- Kyria Porter (ECHS and NSCC Class of 2023 - currently studying at Clark Atlanta University)

“I chose Early College High School because of the ability to leave high school with an associate degree. I always wanted to get a head start on living my own life, and this is the perfect opportunity. Others should look into this school because of the chance to get an associate degree, have some early college experience before going to finish your credits, and the learning experience is quite nice too!”

----Jayden Phillips (ECHS and NSCC Class of 2022 - currently studying at the University of Tennessee: Knoxville)

“I first heard about Early College High School via a letter in the mail. I had already decided on what high school I would be attending, but my parents suggested we see what ECHS school had to offer. At the orientation, we were informed that there was an opportunity for me, as a high school student, to receive an associate degree in a pathway of my choosing. I decided to pick ECHS because of the healthy environment it provides: the people, the learning, and the family feel. ECHS gives me a rare opportunity for early success, and I have made so many friends and mentors that have changed my life. ECHS will not only prepare you for a higher education, but it will prepare you for life, give you confidence, and help you explore your interests. That’s the type of environment my school, Early College, has provided for me.”

---Prince Ford (ECHS and NSCC Class of 2022 - currently studying at Tennessee State University)

“I chose to attend Early College High School because I liked the idea of graduating high school with a completed associate degree. When I compared this school to other academic magnet schools while deciding where to go, I was drawn to the notion of smaller class sruthizes and the opportunity to study on a college campus. Now, as I get ready to begin my junior year of high school with twelve college credits to my name (far more than my friends from other schools can boast), I can confidently say that this school is engaging, gratifying, and has a closely knit community within its walls that I continue to appreciate day by day. All of the teachers are committed to actually teaching and engaging their students; our principal does a marvelous job of communication even in confusing times like these, and I wouldn’t trade the friends I’ve made here for anything. I highly recommend Early College as a place for students to grow and learn and come out on the other side all the better for it.”

---Ruth Giblin (ECHS and NSCC Class of 2022 - currently studying at the University of Michigan)

“I chose to go to Early College High School because of the opportunity to graduate high school with an associate degree. I knew this opportunity would help fast forward my career in the real world. Students should consider Early College because of the environment our teachers and school administrators set up for us. If you're scared about the thought of being put into a college class so soon, don’t be. You can work at your own pace, and you are supported along the way. Students at Early College are given more responsibilities than a normal high school student, but they are also given more freedom.”

----Zuhayra Mohamed (ECHS and NSCC Class of 2023 - currently studying at Middle Tennessee State University)

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